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Sajitha Jayaprakash


I always thought that low calorie diet help losing weight. But TeaMeraki taught me that it is not true. It taught me about balance and changed the way I perceived food! I am not a very active person, but I have tried exercising and dieting. Unfortunately, I never lost even a few grams. My daughter then enrolled me with TeaMeraki. Initially, I had a meeting with a trainer, who asked many questions about my diet and way of live. Based on that, they charted out a workout plan taking into account all the details.

I was told that my weight would keep fluctuating on a daily basis and I might not see much change in the first two weeks (I have hypothyrodism). And based on how my body responded to the diet and workout, they made some changes in my diet. I saw a change in me in the sense I felt lighter and energetic as compared to the bloated feeling I always had. Exercising on a daily basis also helped build my stamina. Slowly, but steadily, I could see drop in weight.

If I forgot to add my details in the app, my trainer would follow up and nudge me to make it a habit. She also motivated me with comments based on the details I provided in the app. I have seen a drastic change in my lifestyle, thanks to TeaMeraki.

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Sajitha Jayaprakash
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