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Reeta Shah


I joined TeaMeraki with the goals of fat and weight reduction. I have struggled with weight reduction for quite sometime and have tried several intense diet plans.

However, I never achieved sustained success with these plans as they had too many restrictions, making them difficult to follow for longer periods. In contrast, at TeaMeraki there was neither any such diet restriction nor any fancy diet requirements.

Much emphasis was placed on understanding nutrition and eating correctly. I loved the customized and challenging workouts. Never did I think that home workouts can be so engaging.

The best part of TeaMeraki was my coach Shrawani and her handholding throughout the process. Her constant guidance made the whole process very simple and easy to understand. Her regular encouragement and appreciation made the experience much more enjoyable.

At the age of 52, joining TeaMeraki, I have lost weight, gained lean mass and never felt stronger in my life. This was easily one of the best decisions of my life!

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