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Mayura Bhingarde


I still remember it was my first day with Meraki and I was freaking out about my protein intake. Not that I was not eating protein but I never knew about the macros and protein content in each food.

I was comfortable with the workouts as I have been working out since past one year but after dropping from 172 lbs to 149 I was kind of stuck there for a long time. And after facing a small wrist injury in the month of May I had to lower my priority for workouts.

I was working out but I could not see any big change on scale or in my body. So I decidedly to contact Shrawani about training and nutritional program.

That was the best decision I have made in past few months. She was absolutely supportive and designed my workout program considering my past wrist injury. She helped with my nutrition as I was under eating due to stress and other stuff( which was resulting in my weight not going down and feeling low during workouts)

Even though my protein intake was more than 100g a day she was very supportive with the fact that I increase my calorie intake and protein intake day by day. I know the days when I ate all my calories, completed my 124g protein intake in a day, completed my workouts and felt amazing.

My weight went from 146 lbs (under eating) —> 152lbs (eating my calories, workouts)—> 144.6lbs( still eating all the food, and completing workouts)

I never thought eating proper food would contribute so much. This might not be a big of a scale change but this is a victory for me as I could do this in 3 months and managing my job, home.

I am thankful for the Team Meraki for all the support in workouts and understanding my mental health during workouts and keeping that as a priority rather than pushing workouts on me.

I wish I could stayed for 6 months program but due to some personal reason I can’t commit to that schedule but I will always be grateful for the change Team Meraki brought in me be in physical or mental approach or be it looking at food in a different manner(not just enjoying all kind of foods I like but staying in my calories limit, hitting macros and enjoying each day).

Thank you again❤️

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