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Restart 21

21 Days to build a bullet-proof mindset that will transform your life both mentally and physically.


Join today and let us guide you every step of the way.

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Programming 4 days per week

Expert-written training plan and the most powerful remote training platform.


Forging a Bullet Proof Mindset

Take control of your life and build healthy habits that last.

Nutritional Supremacy

Take control of your life and build healthy habits that last.




Before the challenge begins, your coach will connect with you one-on-one to understand where you're starting from, and assign workouts that are appropriate for you.



Build momentum by sticking to your new habits, practice self-compassion and seek support from your coach or community to stay on track towards your goals. 



Reflect on your progress and create an action plan to help you achieve your long-term goals. Despite any challenges or setbacks, you'll stay committed to your habits and routines


We’ve done the 100 day challenge twice already, but that one can seem like a pretty hefty challenge to commit to.


Get ready to unlock your true potential, push beyond your comfort zone, and transform
your body and mind in just 21 days with Restart 21



  • Dedicated Trainer for accountability

  • Easy Healthy Recipes

  • FREE Fundamentals of Nutrition E-Book (v2.0)

  • FREE UPDATED Meal E-book with 40 easy, homemade recipes.

  • Choose between Gym/At Home plans

  • Customized to training maturity scale (beginner/intermediate)

  • Instructional Exercise Videos

  • Weekly Updates with progressions 

  • FREE Habit Formation Handbook

  • FREE Travel Handbook

T&C apply.

  • Who is the course suitable for?
    Anyone over the age of 18 can do our certifications. Whether you are a fresher looking to start out in this field, or a professional coach looking to upskill your existing knowledge, this program is designed for all.
  • I am from a non-science background, is this for me?
    ABSOULTELY. While learning about the human body does involve branches of science, IT IS NOT mandatory for you to have a science background. Our expert tutors simplify core concepts with day-day life examples and classic analogies to ensure universal learning.
  • Do I get notes for each lesson
    YES. Each module that is taught has brief notes with latest evidence citation to ensure that your learning is concrete as per international standards.


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