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Collagen Protein- Worth the Hype?

Collagen- the new buzz word in the supplement industry which is touted towards the support and development of joint and connective tissue health, maintenance and growth of muscle mass, improvement in bone health to just name a few.

But how does research stand against all these claims?

Firstly, what is Collagen?

It is the most abundant protein found in the animal kingdom and in humans (and some vertebrates) which comprises up to 1/3rd of total protein mass in the body. In our body, there are 16 variants of collagen, 80-90% of which are types 1-3

(Knowing all the variants is not quite necessary)

SO simply put, it's something which our body has inbuilt stores of. However, anyone who has taken any basic nutrition course (if you wish to learn all of this, our CNSC course might just be the right investment for you),